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Corner guards

Protect your home in style with Corner Guards by HomePro. These sleek edge and corner protectors effortlessly blend form and function, safeguarding your walls from dents and dings while adding a touch of modern flair. With a durable ABS plastic construction, these guards stand up to busy homes and rambunctious kids. The easy peel-and-stick installation takes minutes with no tools required. Give your home a facelift and keep your corners damage-free with Corner Guards.
Key Features:
Sleek, low-profile design
Durable ABS plastic construction
Peel-and-stick installation
Protects against dents, scratches and scuffs
Modern style complements any decor
Corner Guards shield your home’s vulnerable corners against bumps, knocks and scrapes from furniture, toys and more. The thin profile blends seamlessly into your walls for a subtle accent that doesn’t detract from your interior design. For homeowners with active families or pets, these guards are a must-have for keeping your home looking its best for less. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and press onto corners for instant protection.

Make “ouch!” moments a thing of the past with HomePro Corner Guards. These damage-defying protectors cling to your wall corners to absorb impacts that would otherwise leave behind unsightly chips and dents. The sleek, low-profile design blends discretely into any decor, while the durable ABS plastic construction withstands constant bumps and bangs. Give your home the first line of defense against wall dings and scratches with our easy-to-install corner guards.
Key Features:
Absorbs force from impacts
Prevents dents, chips and scratches
Discreet, low-profile design
Durable ABS plastic material
Peel-and-stick for easy application
HomePro Corner Guards cushion vulnerable corners from life’s little accidents. Their thin yet tough ABS plastic body is designed to take hits so your walls don’t have to. No more panicking over a stray soccer ball or toy crashing into the corner and leaving behind marks. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick these guards on for instant protection. For homeowners with kids, pets or cluttered spaces, Corner Guards help maintain pristine walls despite busy living.

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