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Stay cool and comfortable this summer with the revolutionary ELECTRIC RESISTANCE MATS. These innovative mats provide soothing relief from hot, sticky weather so you can fully enjoy the outdoors.
Advanced conductive fiber technology evenly distributes cooling
Lightweight and portable – take them anywhere
Machine washable for easy care
Available in multiple sizes to fit chairs, beds, and more
The patented conductive fiber material in the ELECTRIC RESISTANCE MATS allows them to maintain a constant cool temperature in even the hottest conditions. When you lie or sit on the mats, the fibers disperse your body heat across the entire surface, preventing hot spots or sweating. The breathable open weave lets air flow through so you stay dry and relaxed.
If you love spending time outside in the summer but hate feeling overheated, the ELECTRIC RESISTANCE MATS are for you. Stay cool and comfortable all season long!

Tired of sweltering through another hot summer? Get sweet relief with the ELECTRIC RESISTANCE MATS. These innovative mats keep you up to 20°F cooler so you can fully enjoy the outdoors.
Conductive fiber weave evenly distributes and disperses heat
Breathable open weave increases airflow and ventilation
Lightweight and portable – perfect for camping, beach days, picnics
Machine washable for easy care
The ELECTRIC RESISTANCE MATS use patented conductive fiber technology that acts like a heat sink for your body. When you lie or sit on the mats, your body heat gets dispersed across the surface instead of causing hot, sweaty spots. The open weave allows air to flow through and keep you dry and comfortable.
Say goodbye to miserably hot summers! With the ELECTRIC RESISTANCE MATS, you’ll stay cool and relaxed no matter how high the temperatures climb. Spend more time outdoors doing the activities you love without overheating.

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