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Step into the stable with confidence thanks to HORSE MATS – the revolutionary way to keep your horse’s environment clean, dry, and healthy. This innovative mat system features a non-slip bottom and super absorbent top to soak up urine, water, and debris.
Super absorbent top layer locks in moisture and odor
Non-slip bottom prevents sliding for sure footing
Antimicrobial treatment inhibits bacteria growth
Durable design stands up to heavy use
Easy to clean by hosing off or sweeping
Give your horse the gift of a cleaner, drier home environment. HORSE MATS absorb messes on contact to keep stalls fresher for longer. The antimicrobial treatment prevents bacteria from growing, while the non-slip bottom provides secure footing.
Ideal for horse owners who want to maintain a healthy barn environment. HORSE MATS make stall maintenance easy by absorbing urine and moisture right away. The antimicrobial layer inhibits bacteria growth to keep odors at bay. Your horse will thank you for the cleaner, healthier home!
Description 2:
Tired of soaking wet, smelly stalls? HORSE MATS are the answer to your barn’s messiest problem areas. These innovative mats feature a super absorbent top to lock in urine, water and debris on contact.
Absorbs 4 times its weight in liquid
Antimicrobial layer prevents bacteria growth
Non-slip bottom for secure footing
Heavy-duty and easy to clean
Keeps stalls clean and dry
HORSE MATS’ super absorbent top soaks up urine, water and mess on contact to keep stalls clean and dry. The antimicrobial treatment prevents bacteria from growing while the non-slip bottom provides secure footing.
The perfect solution for horse owners wanting cleaner, h

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