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PVC Fender

Step aboard in style with the PVC Fender. This sleek fender provides unparalleled protection and enhances the look of your boat.
Made of durable, UV-resistant PVC that prevents cracking and fading
Soft foam core absorbs impact to prevent damage to hull
Streamlined profile and smooth finish complements modern boat designs
Available in 4 stylish colors to match your boat’s aesthetics
With its patented no-marking design, the PVC Fender glides alongside docks and other boats without leaving a trace. The extra-thick foam absorbs more shock on impact for superior protection compared to standard fenders.
The PVC Fender is perfect for boat owners who want their vessel to look its best while keeping it safe from dings and scratches during docking. Give your boat the stylish, protective fender it deserves.

Ding-free, damage-free docking awaits with the revolutionary PVC Fender. This high-performance fender combines cutting-edge style with serious protection.
PVC construction is UV-resistant, preventing cracking and fading
Thick foam core absorbs impact rather than transmitting it to the hull
Sleek, low-profile shape complements modern boat design
4 colors available to coordinate with your boat’s aesthetic
The PVC Fender’s patented design ensures smooth gliding alongside docks and piers. Its extra-thick foam cushioning dampens collision force better than standard fenders.
Savvy boaters choose the PVC Fender for its unbeatable blend of cushioning and durability. Protect your prized vessel without compromising its sleek look. The PVC Fender takes docking to a new level.

Dock and protect your boat in style with the PVC Fender. This fender combines innovative design with serious impact absorption.
PVC construction is durable, UV-resistant, and crack/fade proof
Foam core absorbs shock on contact rather than transmitting it
Sleek shape and smooth finish complements modern boat profiles
Available in 4 colors to match your boat’s style
The PVC Fender’s patented profile lets it glide alongside docks and piers without marking them. Its extra-thick foam outperforms standard fenders in cushioning collision force.
Boaters who value both performance and aesthetics choose the PVC Fender. It allows stylish, ding-free docking. Protect your boat without compromising its look. The PVC Fender is the ultimate fusion of form and function.

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