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Speed hump

Slow down and take in the safety of your neighborhood with the new Speed Hump. This road safety device helps protect pedestrians and children at play by controlling vehicle speed. Key features include:
Raised asphalt/rubber bump to reduce vehicle speed
Bright yellow and black stripes for high visibility
Various sizes from 1-6 feet wide to fit your road
Easy installation without altering the road surface
The Speed Hump is expertly designed to be an effective, durable speed calming solution. Vehicles must reduce speed to go over the hump, improving safety without forcing a full stop like a speed bump. Give your family and community peace of mind by installing Speed Humps on residential streets and school zones.
Version 2:
Tired of speeding cars zipping through your neighborhood? Take control over road safety with the Speed Hump. This innovative product helps reduce vehicle speeds to protect pedestrians and kids at play. Key features:
Raised bump in roadway physically forces speed reduction
Highly visible yellow/black striping alerts drivers
Customizable sizing for any road width
Installs directly on road surface without alteration
The Speed Hump boosts safety by controlling speeds without the abrupt jarring of speed bumps. Drivers must slow down to traverse the hump, reducing risk of accidents and injuries. Give your loved ones the security they deserve and install Speed Humps outside schools, parks and residential areas today.

Speeding cars in your neighborhood keeping you up at night? The new Speed Hump is the simple solution you need. Key features:
Raised asphalt/rubber bump reduces vehicle speed
Bright yellow and black stripes increase visibility
Custom sizes available from 1-6 feet wide
Installs directly on road without surface alteration
The Speed Hump is expertly engineered to gently reduce speeds and improve safety. Unlike jarring speed bumps, vehicles can comfortably traverse the hump at the desired slower pace. Give your family peace of mind by installing Speed Humps on your residential street or near parks and schools. Join the movement for safer neighborhoods.

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