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Corner Guards

Protect your home in style with the Corner Guards. These sleek, modern corner protectors add both function and flair to any room.
Durable, transparent design blends seamlessly into your decor
Cushioned bumpers absorb impact, preventing wall dents and scuffs
Quick and easy self-adhesive installation – no tools required
Sleek, barely-there look complements any aesthetic
With their subtle profile and crystal clear finish, Corner Guards are the perfect way to safeguard your home’s vulnerable corners and edges while maintaining your interior design vision. The transparent bumpers discreetly prevent damage from furniture, toys, and busy feet in high traffic areas.
Ideal for parents, pet owners, and busy households, Corner Guards allow you to protect your home without sacrificing style or aesthetics. Give your family peace of mind while adding a subtle decorative touch with these modern, functional corner protectors.

Invisible protection for high-traffic areas of your home. Corner Guards blend seamlessly into your walls, discreetly absorbing impacts from furniture, pets, kids at play, and everyday bumps and bruises.
Crystal clear cushions are virtually invisible
Self-adhesive backing for quick, easy install
Durable construction prevents dents, scuffs, and damage
Low profile complements any décor
With their subtle, sleek profile, Corner Guards are the perfect way to safeguard your home’s vulnerable corners and edges. The transparent bumpers prevent unsightly damage without disrupting your interior design vision. Protect your home while maintaining your unique style with these modern, unobtrusive corner protectors.

Discreet protection from everyday wear and tear. Corner Guards install in seconds to defend your home’s high traffic corners from damage.
Cushioned bumpers absorb impacts
Crystal clear profile blends seamlessly into walls
Self-adhesive backing for quick, easy application
Durable construction prevents dents, chips, scuffs
Corner Guards allow you to safeguard your home without sacrificing style. The transparent design blends into any décor, providing subtle protection while maintaining your interior aesthetic. Perfect for homes with kids, pets, or clumsy family members, these modern bumpers provide peace of mind against everyday scuffs, dings, and damage. Protect your home in style with Corner Guards.

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