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Wheel stopper

Stop summer fun in its tracks with the Wheel Stopper. This handy device keeps your outdoor wheels from rolling away. Key features:
Durable rubber construction won’t scratch or damage wheels
Adjustable strap fits wheels of all sizes
Non-slip grip keeps Wheel Stopper in place
Compact and portable for easy storage and transport
Tired of chasing after runaway bikes, scooters, and skateboards? The Wheel Stopper puts an end to the summer chase. Its adjustable strap and non-slip grip secure wheels of all sizes in place, keeping summer fun safely in the driveway or yard instead of rolling into the street. Now kids can drop their wheels and take a break without worrying they’ll have to hunt them down later. Parents can relax knowing this simple device prevents mishaps and keeps summer play contained.
The Wheel Stopper is the hassle-free way for families to keep summer wheels secure. It’s ideal for households with active kids and multiple wheeled toys.

Make sure runaway bikes, scooters and more don’t turn summer fun into summer chase with the Wheel Stopper. This clever gadget stops wheels in their tracks by:
Gripping wheels tightly with a non-slip rubber construction
Accommodating wheels of all sizes with an adjustable strap
Staying put wherever you need it with a stable, weighted design
Say goodbye to the summer wheel chase once and for all. The Wheel Stopper’s ingenious yet simple design keeps wheels securely in place, so kids don’t have to go hunting for their bikes and scooters every time they take a break. Just strap it on and enjoy carefree summer days without constantly corralling rogue wheels.
Give your family the gift of a hassle-free summer with the Wheel Stopper. Keep outdoor fun close at hand and avoid losing wheels down the street or in the yard.

Chasing after runaway bikes and scooters can put a damper on summer fun. The Wheel Stopper solves this problem once and for all. Key features:
Industrial-strength rubber construction
Fits wheels of every size
Weighed base stays firmly planted
Adjustable strap for customized fit
Now you can relax and enjoy summer knowing the Wheel Stopper has you covered. Its smart design keeps wheeled toys from rolling away so kids don’t have to interrupt playtime to fetch their bikes from down the street. Just strap on the Wheel Stopper and it grips wheels in place thanks to its non-slip rubber grip. The weighted base ensures it doesn’t budge while in use. Adjust the strap to fit wheels of all sizes.
Give your family a summer of carefree fun with the Wheel Stopper. Never lose another bike or spend summer chasing runaway wheels. This simple but ingenious device takes the hassle out of summer playtime.

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