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Speed hump

Slow down and enjoy the ride! Our Speed Hump is the safe and gentle solution for controlling traffic speed in your neighborhood.
Made of durable, weather-resistant rubber for long-lasting quality
Modular design allows for custom configurations to match your needs
Gentle ramp prevents damage to vehicles like harsh speed bumps
Visible yellow color alerts drivers to reduce speed
With its patented curved shape, the Speed Hump prompts vehicles to gradually decelerate without an abrupt jolt or scrape. It’s the smooth operator when it comes to encouraging slower, safer driving on residential streets. Give speeders a nudge in the right direction and reclaim your street for kids and community.
Designed for neighborhood groups and homeowner associations seeking affordable traffic calming. The Speed Hump makes streets friendlier for walking, biking, and playing – improving quality of life.

Tired of cars flying down your residential street? Take control with the Speed Hump – the safe, gentle speed reducer.
Soft rubber construction cushions impact on vehicles
Modular segments for custom road coverage
Highly visible yellow color alerts drivers
The Speed Hump’s engineered curved shape prompts vehicles to gradually slow down, unlike jarring speed bumps. Its tapered ends ensure a smooth transition on and off. This smart speed reducer makes streets safer without damage to vehicles or discomfort to drivers.
Give your neighborhood the traffic calming it deserves. The Speed Hump helps create a peaceful, kid-friendly environment free of dangerous speeding. Reclaim your street for community and play!
Perfect for homeowner associations seeking an affordable solution to excessive traffic speed. The durable, long-lasting Speed Hump improves quality of life by prioritizing people over hurried commuters.

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