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Wheel stopper

No more runaway wheels! The Wheel Stopper keeps your car firmly in place.
Made of durable rubber that grips your tire tread
Fits snugly against the wheel to prevent rolling
Lightweight and portable – take it anywhere
Reusable for years of reliable service
With the Wheel Stopper, you’ll never again worry about your parked car drifting into traffic or rolling down a hill. This handy gadget holds your car’s wheel securely, providing peace of mind that your vehicle stays exactly where you left it.
Perfect for any driver who parks on hills or uneven surfaces. The Wheel Stopper is the affordable, easy-to-use solution for keeping your car safe and stationary.

Tired of runaway cars? Take control with the Wheel Stopper.
Sturdy rubber construction stops wheels in their tracks
Compact design is easy to store and carry
Fits snugly against tire tread for superior grip
Reusable for years of reliable holding power
The Wheel Stopper is the hassle-free way to keep your parked car safely in place. Its rugged rubber body fits snugly against your tire tread, preventing unwanted rolling on hills or inclines. No more worrying about your vehicle drifting into harm’s way.
For peace of mind when parking on an angle or uneven ground, the Wheel Stopper is a must-have accessory. Don’t let gravity take control of your car again. Stay stationary and stop runaway wheels with this affordable, easy-to-use solution.

Park with confidence using the Wheel Stopper – the portable wheel chock that keeps your car firmly in place.
Industrial-grade rubber provides superior grip
Compact and lightweight for easy portability
Fits snugly against tires to prevent rolling
Reusable design saves you money
With Wheel Stopper, you can finally park on hills and inclines without worrying about your car drifting away. Its rugged construction and tapered shape locks your tire tread in place, using gravity against itself. No more getting into a drifted car that’s rolled into traffic!
Simple and effective, Wheel Stopper gives all drivers peace of mind. Keep one in your trunk for anytime you need to park on an uneven surface, and stop runaway wheels in their tracks. It’s the affordable way to take control of stationary parking, for good.

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